The Building Inspections Department offers numerous services to aide the citizens and the City in efforts to grow and modernize.  We are up to date with the latest building code editions and are glad to answer any questions that will assist in the planning and estimating stage of any commercial, industrial or residential project.  We also recognize the importance of zoning controls and are working closely with the Planning and Zoning Commission to help maximize property values and to have a beautiful city.


Our Services

  • Building Permits

  • Onsite Building Inspection

  • Fee Schedule Building Inspection  (Link)

  • Zoning and Code Enforcement

     Forms and Regulations

  • Building Permit Applications

  • Land Disturbing Permit

  • Subdivision Regulations and Design


Code Enforcement Officer, Don Schneider

Phone: 706- 635- 4711, ext. 2


Zoning Districts & Requirements (Setbacks, Parking, Etc…)*All forms available for download from our web site can also be faxed upon request. 


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