* Quint 15 *

2006 Smeal 75 foot Quint - 300 gallon tank, - 75 foot LTI ladder

 1250 GPM pump - Q15 is set up to run any fire or rescue incident    It carries tools for commercial firefighting, rope rescue, vehicle extrication and stabilization.

* Pumper 15 *

1991 E-One Pumper - 750 gallon tank - 1250 GPM pump

 Pumper 15 is currently serving in 2 capacities:  It is the backup engine for E15 and it supports any of the rescue activities that Quint 15 would respond to. It Carries a basic variety of firefighting tools, and 2 sets of 10000 lb lifting struts.

* Engine 15 *

2002 Luverne Rescue Pumper - 1000 gallon tank - 1250 GPM Pump

Engine 15 is first out engine for fire response in the City of Ellijay

 It carries a variety of tools including those for Primary Fire attack and Vehicle Extrication.  It is certified as a Basic Life Saving response unit.

* Rescue 15 *

2017 Ford F250 Diesel - Extended Cab with commercial bed cover and pull out tray. R15 runs all EMS and service calls within the city.

It carries only basic fire fighting tools, portable foam unit and is a Basic Life Saving certified response unit.