Historic District

On April 21, 2008, Mayor Al Hoyle and the Ellijay City Council designated a portion of the downtown Ellijay area as a local historic district.

Brian Linkous – Chairman, Ed Grant, Kelly McBride, Mark Queen

Local historic districts have three primary purposes:

  1. To preserve the unique historic character of buildings and their surroundings
  2. To maintain and improve the setting of those buildings
  3. To insure that new structures are constructed from architectural designs and materials that are compatible with their historic environment.

Local designation has the potential to stabilize and even increase property values within a district.

To achieve that potential, part of Downtown Ellijay now falls under the jurisdiction of the Historic Preservation Commission, a body appointed by the Mayor and City Council to administer the design review process required by State law in local historic districts.  Such districts are designated as an overlay on the official zoning map.  Projects that entail material change to the exterior of a property must be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission, and receive a Certificate of Appropriateness from that Commission before work can begin.

Local historic district designation does not restrict the use or sale of any property, nor does it require the improvement of any property.  The Historic Preservation Commission does not require review of normal maintenance and repair that does not displace historic fabric.

If you have any questions regarding your property, the Certificate of Appropriateness process, or the local district designation in general, you may contact  Don Schneider, Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Ellijay at Ellijay City Hall, 706/635-4711, ext. 2, or any member of the Ellijay Historic Preservation Commission.

Historic Preservation Commission Design Guidelines